MYA Acrylic Hookah Base

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This beautiful MYA Acrylic Hookah base comes in 3 astonishing designs: black, white and gold. This base is highly durable because is made of plastic. This means that the possibility of braking or shattering is quite impossible. It is much better deal than a traditional glass base. It is compatible with all MYA hookahs.

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  • MYA Acrylic Hookah Base

More About MYA Products

MYA is the first custom hookah builder on the hookah market. All products are built with materials with finest quality. They are fully customizable from the bottom to the top. Also, this company is the only hookah manufacturer in the world that uses the finest Bohemian Crystal in their astonishing hookahs and hookah accessories.

Regarding to their long lasting durability and high performing, MYA products are amazing choice that will fit your desires and budget.

Talking about its appeal, they are crafted by experts. All pieces are easy to clean and created with a stainless steel material- you’ll never deal with rust. They are small and compatible for every puffing session alone, with friends or during a party.