Black Multi Holes Silicon Bowl - Screen Top

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We love bringing the new trends to your homes. The latest trend of Silicon products is this Silicon Bowl with multiple holes screen top and no need for grommet. Add your charcoal and enjoy your late night puffing session endlessly. This black silicon hookah bowl composed of unbreakable silicon delivers the best hookah smoking experience.

In The Box:

  • Black Multi-hole Silicone Bowl

More About Hookah Bowls

Since smoking hookah becomes one of the most common addictive practices all over the world, we are proud to be the connection between you and your passions.

It is really important to fit the appropriate shisha elements for a huge smoke satisfaction. So, we can help you make the right decision when searching a hookah bowl from the huge variety on the hookah market.

Available Hookah Types

Each hookah requires different type or size of the hookah bowl. In the same time, choosing the type of the bowl is what you really prefer. There are few different hookah bowls available on the market: crown bowl, phunnel bowl, Egyptian bowl, vortex bowl and Syrian bowl. But since the number of hookah lovers increases each day, there are 3 new innovative types: inverted, electric and glider bowl.

The best bowls have capacity between 15-30 grams. It depends how long and quantitative are your puffing sessions. Whatever bowl you choose it has its own advantages and specific characteristics. Choose wisely.