• AGER Matte Single Hose Hookah


    AGER Matte Single Hose Hookah

    This amazing AGER Matte single hose hookah comes in five colors: black, red, blue, purple, and pink. It stands approximately 21" tall. It has a simple but eye-catching base. The base is a transparent solid color that matches with the stem...

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  • Babylon Hookah


    Babylon Hookah

    Babylonian style hookah that is exceptional to the industry and promotes an elegant transformation from traditional style hookahs. The Babylon stands at 39" and has an exquisite shaft fabricated from four durable metals that sits upon a thick Babylonian...

    USD $170.96
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  • Mug Hookah

    My Hookah

    Mug Hookah

    Perfect for long road trips. Never miss your hookah sessions. Comes with lights and flexible hose. All set in seconds. The tray on top of bowl designed to provide coal stability. Fits perfectly in every mug holder in your car.

    USD $31.46 USD $17.96
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  • ROMA Glass Hookah with a Leather Case


    ROMA Glass Hookah with a Leather Case

    We present to you the sleek all-glass ROMA hookah! It stands about 21" tall and comes in 5 different colors: black, purple, blue, pink, neon green. The base has a width approximately 8". It comes with a color changing LED lights that...

    USD $134.96
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  • S-ROS Shadow Hookah


    S-ROS Shadow Hookah

    S-ROS Hookah stands 21" tall. The captivating pyramid-like base catches everyone's eye by its detailed airbrush paint fainting, and its steel stem is simple but quite appealing. It also has a deep clay head, where you can add more tobacco than usual...

    USD $89.96
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