Glow hookah

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Unique as all other MOB products, Glow Hookah is a new masterpiece that glows in the dark. It has a German Designed stainless steel downstem and a thick heavy duty glass base - where the glow happens. The part that you and your family and friends would love the most is the 4 hose capacity that the Glow hookah has. It has rubber-less hose ports. With your purchase you get ONE silicone tubing hose with an aluminum handle. Talking about the bowl, this hookah has the top of the Line Lycan bowl which means there's NO foil needed.
If your friends and family are also passionate smokers as you are, this is your chance to make them enjoy long night puffing sessions.

More About MOB

If you are a passionate smoker it is so important to have the best performing hookah and best hookah accessories on the market. Undoubtelly, MOB products have the best quality products because they are designed with stainless steel materials and heavy duty thick glass which says a lot about their durability. MOB have a wide collection of hookahs, hookah accessories and e-hookahs.
If you want to have hookah item that is made by one of the leading hookah producers on the market, MOB hookahs & accessories are perfect deal for you.