Ghost Hookah

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Talking about elegance, the MOB's Ghost hookah says everything. This stainless steel luxury hookah is made of tall stainless steel stem and tray. The elegant heavy duty thick glass base is able to produce big smoke clouds and make you enjoy every smoking session. The Ghost hookah has 2 hose capacity with rubber-less hose ports which make it an amazing opportunity for long puffing experience with your dearest. The hose that goes in the package is Medical Grade Silicone with aluminum handle.
If you love another elegant home decor and yet best performing hookah, the Ghost hookah is a perfect deal for you.

More About MOB

With wide original collection of hookahs, hookah accessories and e-hookahs, MOB stays on the top of the list of best performing hookah products in the hookah industry. Each product is made of high quality stainless steel materials and heavy duty glass which means the products are highly durable. On the other hand, these products are with elegant appeal - perfect for your luxurious home decor.