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Are you looking for an alternative and healthier way to enjoy your hookah? 

MAZAYA HERBAL MOLASSES are here to change the game forever. They are made in Jordan from the finest ingredients and are currently available in 30 different flavors for a more varied taste every time.

Unlike tobacco shisha, herbal molasses are nicotine free and tar free making them healthier alternatives for hookah fans. You are still going to get the same thick smoke you are used to but with a better taste and flavor. It is the closest to the real thing!

Here is why hookah Herbal Molasses are a game changer:

  • 100% organic and made from the finest ingredients
  • Available in 4 flavors. You are certain to find one you’ll love. We'll be adding more flavors in the future.
  • Free of nicotine and tar making them a safer and healthier alternative
  • Still delivers thick clouds of smoke for a fun and sweeter smoking experience
  • Tobacco free
  • Nicotine free
  • Tar free