Khalil Mamoon Deep Head

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Khalil Mamoon Deep Head is a large funnel made of clay. It is a special type of shisha bowls with holes at the center and the round of the funnel. It will give you the great opportunity to have a longer smoking session. The holes are centered, so the airflow will not pull the foil which completely stops the airflow.

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  • Authentic Khalil Mamoon Funnel Bowl

More about Khallil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon (KM) hookahs are types of hookah that are individually handcrafted in Egypt. The Egypt artisans for whole century use heavy duty materials and welds that make Khalil Mamoon perfectly made to the last detail. Each hookah has unique design on the bases and the shaft. So if you there are some scuffs or any other scratches don’t get surprised, it is all about the hand painting. The great authenticity lays to the traditional Egyptian style scheme. You will never find two hookahs that will look exactly the same.

This kind of hookahs will perfectly match your living room or bedroom because of their astonishing decorative property. The materials that are used such as copper, steel, brass or any combination of these three metals, make KM last for a lifetime.

These hookahs have a wider hose port than any other hookah, so the smoke are pretty easy produce and you get big clouds. In fact, that’s why KM became so popular. The stems are compatible with a variety of different replacement bases, bowls and hoses, which gives you the opportunity to customize the hookah as much as you want.

If this is your first time jumping to the hookah market, we strongly recommend Khalil Mamoon. Thousands of passionate hookah smokers decided to choose this perfect type of hookah and there is no doubt why Khalil Mamoon holds the top of the best hookahs list in the world.