Khalil Mamoon Golden Gate Hose

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We can say that the traditional, mystic and elegant style of KM products is what makes the Khalil Mamoon Golden Gate Hose so unique and desirable for every passionate hookah smoker. It has beautiful golden texture and it is long enough to give you the smoke pleasure you deserve.

More About Khalil Mamoon

Khalil Mamoon hookah is traditional Egyptian hookah company with outstanding products amongst the best hookah producers in hookah business. What makes Khalil Mamoon hookah one of the best on the market are the high-quality handmade products by professional Egyptian artisans.

Khalil Mamoon hookahs are well known because of their durability, performance and elegant appeal. They are made of heavy-duty materials that will make your Khalil Mamoon keep going for a lifetime. Due to the wide base and the high performing hose, these hookahs can make enormous smoke clouds and in the same time enable you to feel the original tobacco taste.

Looking at the elegant side of these hookah products, each Khalil Mamoon hookah is authentic. There are no two same hookahs on the planet because of the handmade and hand painting process and the small scuffs and weld marks that appear during the production.

Whether you get a KM hookah or just one of their astonishing hookah hoses and other hookah accessories, you have made a perfect choice. Shop Today!