2017 Nov 9th



The Hookah hose is very vital element of your narghile to ensure a good smoke. This aspect is ignored by most novice smokers. The quality as well as quantity of the smoke will vary considerably if you buy hookah hose of perfect kind. How many times have you wondered about improving the overall experience of using a hookah?

The size of hose gauge plays important role in smoking. Large gauge hose allows effortless puff, whereas small one will allow restricted enjoyment.

You should Buy Hookah Hose with proper washability. There are some hookah hoses that can be easily cleaned up using the water and some are made of special material which need extra care but cannot be washed. Take your pick for engaging large number of guests or regularly engaging in some hubbly bubbly time.

There are hundreds of different flavors in the market; you can use different hoses for taking in one flavor of tobacco. The favors have chances of getting mixed up when you use one hose for multiple hookah sessions. The option to buy hookah hose that is washable and handy is always preferred. Nammor, Grand and Razan are some common hookah hoses in market.

Handle of your hookah hose is of importance too. Handles created of wood, plastic and acrylic are available in the market. The wooden handles are more fragile compared to the others. When you buy hookah hose keep in mind the length and kind of handle you want for a long lasting accessory.

With the power of basics about hookah hose, you are ready to invite over guests for taking them to the Middle East.