Traditional and contemporary hookah herbal molasse

Every passing day adds more people to this smoking culture. Only top quality shisha tobacco will give you a high incomparable to anything else in your life. The smoking process includes narghile, water pipe, tobacco, a hose and mouthpiece. So you enjoy mint tea or cappuccino, it won’t be a problem. Smoke hubbly bubbly in peach, mint, chocolate, coffee, alcohol and similar flavors.

The hookah smoking material should not be completely dry. The substances such as molasses, honey, semi-dried fruit and more can be used in a 1:2 mixture. The flavored tobacco was introduced in the 1980s when some Egyptian tobacco manufacturers experimented with different flavors of shisha tobacco.

Now there are hookah lounges, cafés and bars offer variety of flavors to puff in solitude. You can even buy hookah tobacco through the internet. There are flavors like melon, citrus, apple, cherry, strawberries, bananas and peach to choose from. Over hundred flavors are available in the market.

With shisha tobacco smoking turning into a regular habit, it is being explored for options in flavors, designs of hookah pots and other items related to it. Elegant porcelain body of your narghile can be the talk of the party. You can show total creativity with the mixed flavors can give life to a dull gathering with hubbly bubbly.

Check out the different stories of hookah custom being passed from Asia to the Middle East, where it flourished in Egypt and then reached Europe and western countries. You can entertain your guest with best shisha tobacco and have some fun.

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