Smoking hookah pipes in bars and restaurants will be banned in Toronto this spring. City council there voted overwhelmingly in favor of the ban, after a recommendation from the medical health officer. Ottawa Public Health is now looking at the issue very closely. With a large number of hookah bars here, there are a lot of nervous people tonight wondering what this means for their businesses. Smoking tobacco in hookah bars has been banned for some time in Ontario, under the ‘Smoke Free Ontario’ Act but now Toronto has taken it one step further by banning herbal products inside the water pipes.
From herbal shisha advertising to medical cannabis vaping, Ottawa city staff want to crack down on public water-pipe puffing. As Toronto’s hookah ban goes into effect this month, the City of Ottawa is looking at saying sayonara to shisha in public. Here are five provincial proposals on water pipe limits, which will go before Ottawa’s board of health on Monday.
Ottawa's Board of Health has voted to hold off on banning the use of hookah pipes and e-cigarettes in public places, in favor of waiting to see whether proposed provincial regulations will include a ban.