Choose the right hookah bowl

For some delight in smoking, you need an efficient hookah without doubt; second important thing includes the hookah bowls.The market is certainly filled up with multiple hookah bowl types for you to choose from! Our description of each bowls will possibly help you in purchasing the right one for your hubbly bubbly indulgence.

Egyptian hookah bowls

The handmade bowls of Middle East are traditionally made. The sturdy construction of the hookah bowl helps in maintaining heat.

Mud hookah bowl

The clay used to create Egyptian bowl and Mod hookah bowl are different. There is shallow compartment and wide top in this one. The shisha gets easy access to heat and ensures complete smoking.

Glass bowls

Out of the all hookah bowl types, individuals prefer this one. It is ornate and more gorgeous to look at. The rounded and light weight bowls form an eye grabbing piece of work.

Tea cup hookah bowl

The smaller tea cup bowls remain cool and you can enjoy a short quick smoke using one. The bowls are affordable and allow you to experiment with different flavors in a jiffy.

Phunnel hookah bowls

The hookah bowls come from Tangiers, its design permits to enjoy highly dripping and even wet tobacco. Though it requires frequent cleaning, the phunnel design reduces problems of smoking through a trough.

Mya jumbo ceramic bowl

Party or gathering, you can always count on your Mya bowl to hold 50g of the flavored tobacco. In a go you can puff on the narghile for hours together.

The internet offers option for online shopping of these hookah bowl types, make your pick!

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